Monday, September 17, 2007


still alive
still kicking
and screaming

hit the ground running after the MI bicycle ride in August
back to work before most
some of it paid
some of it not paid
labor of love??

two parent info nights this week
what, now it's 24/7?

now back in evening classes until mid-December
reading research and opining about theory
but in secret I'm scouring the MTBR forums

still commuting
still grocery-getting
still breakfasting and riding
still fall mountain biking
still thinking about a new 29er hardtail

after 13 years in the same Honda
now a new used vehicle for hauling my pretties to new trails

- OB and up past my bedtime!


bother yam said...

Yer alive!

I was afraid that your camera just washed up on shore and there was nothing left...

Rhea said...

Oh, good. You're there!

sydney_b said...

I wondered where you were.

Emma Pod said...

Hi Bag - I hear ya....too much to do, not enough time. So you got new wheels? What happened to the Honda?

Snakebite said...

Do the HC ride on Oct 20th. I'll be there.

gwadzilla said...

congrats on the new car!


glad you are alive

there is more to life than blogging

that said

I need to get on my bike and go to work