Wednesday, August 15, 2007

MI Shoreline Bicycle Tour

Well, none of these pics actually shows that we were on bicycles last week, but that's what touring is about: stoppin' to smell the roses.

It took me awhile to get used to the idea we could actually swim in Lake Michigan -- I'm too used to the bone-chilling Lake Superior!

Lots of eating and a bit-o beer with lunch!

The roads were lined with purple, white and pink wildflowers.

Beverages after a long day in the saddle.

Sleeping Bear Dunes state park at the top of an 18% climb -- that slope downward on the left of the photo just gets steeper...

...and this is looking down. People run the dune...well, maybe they run down it, but they use all four to get back up. There are actually people swimming waaaaaay down there.

Cherries, peaches and apples, oh my!

The nightly tent city 3 mils separate you from your snoring neighbor.

The nightly laundry -- the day's togs washed while in the shower.

Typical rocky shoreline...there were some sandy beaches also.

- OB now has to get ready to start up the school year!


Warren T said...

"3 mils separate you from your snoring neighbor." I had to chuckle; I am always amazed and how every little sound from every tent, near and far, sounds like it is right on top of you. I always take ear plugs on scout campouts...

I know you've been dreading the start of school, but from a parent's perspective may I just say: WHEEEEEE!

C. P. said...

Looks great! Agreed on the difference between the lakes...ahhhhhhhhhhhh vs brrrrrrrrrrrr!

Eclectchick said...

Oh, lovely! I believe the last time I was at Sleeping Bear Dunes, my age was in the single digits.

Emma Pod said...

Hey - great photos. Looks like a fun trip. The water is beautiful! Someone tagged me as a "Rockin Girl Blogger" and I listed you as one. Because you are!

gwadzilla said...

I just had a race weekend that had a million photo ops
but I do not ride to blog
I ride to ride
I can not document life and live life at the same time
some times the blog has to suffer

the basement is also suffering
very dirty
very very dirty

Sarah Moffett said...

Cheers to travels and amazing places life takes us. It looks like you're doing a Kerouac road trip via bike. Now if only my feet could take me that far.

gwadzilla said...

glad to see that your life is too rich to slow and blog...

I spent the day cleaning my basement

my white whale

shawnkielty said...

dear girl,

Have you vanished forever into the school teacher world? Your dreams miss you.

Ample said...

Wow! sounds incredible! Looks glorious! I'm impressed :)