Saturday, March 03, 2007


Detached Minnesota....

So, how important is composting, really?

We build garages and fences during the summer.

- OB er duh


senioritis said...

I'm thinking that you might just want to resort to a garbage disposal until the spring thaw.

Emma Pod said...

Your path from the house to the garage looks like the parting of the Red Sea! Maybe you'll need to build a tunnel, or a really long hallway, or something this summer. Get Bill on that project! I hope it melts soon!

X Bunny said...

i recognize that snow!

i think you musta got our storm on it's way east

The Old Bag said...

Senioritis -- I'd been digging out a tunnel to the bin, but enough is enough.

Emma -- if I ever bump out the back of the house, some sort of breezeway would be the ticket.

xBunny -- saw your pics as well!

C. P. said...

Snow is fun,
Ice sucks,
You have snow,
Lots of snow,
We have ice,
Lots of ice.

Eclectchick said...

And now at least 40 degrees is again on its way.

What a crazy winter.

The Old Bag said...

Missed these! sorry.

CP -- Yeah, ice is a drag. We had that in December and it was tough for cycling and running.

'chick -- looking forward to it...ready to get out on the ride tomorrow for a bit.