Saturday, January 05, 2013

Post Concussion Day #101

Wednesday was my first day back to work full-time -- I'm glad it's a 3-day week!

For the first three weeks of Dec., I gradually increased my time at work from a week of 4 hours every other day to 6 hours daily. Each week I dealt with mild headaches and concentration difficulties, but both gradually subsided as each week went on. I likened it to starting a new exercise routine: muscles that haven't been used are typically sore for a few days after increased activity. Seemed my brain was similar.

Back in early October, my GP and neurologist each said "oh no" and shook his head as soon as I started saying "I'm an elementary school-" even before finishing with "librarian" when I asked how to manage this thing combined with work. There just isn't anything that's anywhere near as taxing as dealing with a zillion children daily.

I still notice some lack of ability to filter, some frustration with interruptions, and some definite "brain farts" (WHAT was I just saying??)...I know we all have those, but these seem a bit more pronounced to me than usual. They're lessening in frequency, however.

And, speaking of exercise, I've been on the bike -- I feel more comfortable there than running or skiing, especially with studded tires. I don't feel as through I'm starting from nothing, and I'm not totally wiped out the day afterward. But, I'm slow. I have to talk my way through some things, like left-hand turns (I hit my left side in the accident), but the "auto-flinch" isn't as strong as it was initially.

I feel like an old lady in that I'm concerned with things like ice on the sidewalk (studs for the hiking boots just arrived--seriously!) and stupid drivers. I need to keep my noggin bump-free for another 3 months.

All-in-all, I'm feeling around 90-95% of typical.

There are other things for me to ponder now; larger small things like fragility, statistics, instances, thin lines, and probability have started making their way into my thoughts. I'll let them rattle around a bit and see what profundities they bring...

...great word, profundities....

- OB facebook excerpt 


rlove2bike said...

Good to hear you are continuing to make progress. Sounds to me a great attitude is to credit for that progress.

Thanks for posting!

Snakebite said...

It's good to see your progress. So, you'll be completely back to your self by summer?

The Old Bag said...

They can rebuild me. I'll be BETTER than before.

Buzz said...

I got some concerns of the 'old' for you old gal. How about my thoughts on the climb out this afternoon; Why is my left arm numb? Is that pain *in* my chest or *on* my chest? Is the left side of my face hurting because the freaking atmospheric pressure is off the chart and my sinuses are I stroking??


Control the fears of those larger small things. If there is only ONE really bad day in all my days on this beautiful planet ...then..??


Profound great words?...only.

Roll into that soft white..roll

The Old Bag said...

Buzz, not fears as much as ruminations, considerations, applications....

Thanks for stopping buy!

And yes, I'll roll. You too!

Buzz said...

Jeanne wrote "...not fears as much as ruminations, considerations, applications...."


a dense 'contingency matrix' is good.



The Old Bag said...

...contingency matrix...I like it!

Maxime Kot said...

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shawnkielty said...

Hi jeanne!