Saturday, May 26, 2012


choosing to climb 8000 feet
over 100 miles
on loose gravel
into 31 mph winds
and 93 degree heat
was tough
but when the urge came to
start cussing
and damning
I didn’t
because the only one chasing me
was myself

- TOB dnf with wd


jeff said...

Now I want to do that!

rlove2bike said...


Never rode it.
Read a lot about it.
Sounds fun.
No cussing. Really?

Thanks for the post!

C. P. said...

Free and fun - the way bike riding should be.

Juancho said...

Y'all really know how to party up there.

Human Wrecking Ball said...


Vito said...

I would have been cussing up a storm:)

Groover said...

As long as you never resist the urge to ride...