Sunday, February 05, 2012

Stolen LHT

My Long Haul Trucker was stolen! Cub Foods, St. Louis Park MN 5 pm Sunday 2/4.

Pieced together from old parts...barely used Ultegra triple 9 sp from the early 2000s, Dura Ace skewers from 2000 and Open Pro blue anodized rims...there isn't another like it * sigh *

  • BLACK Surly Long Haul Trucker frameset, 56 cm
  • BLUE rims (old Open Pros) with 
    • Ultegra 600 hubs (1996)
    • Dura Ace skewers (2000)
    • back wheel: butted spokes, blue nips
    • front wheel: heavy-gauge spokes, silver nips
    • 9 sp Ultegra 12-27 cassette
  • BLUE Salsa lip lock seat collar
  • BLUE handlebar tape, silver plugs
    • Silver bars, non-ergo 
    • black rubber pads in hook under bar tape
  • Ultegra, 9 sp triple (2002-04?)
    • 172.5 cranks
  • Silver Thomson stem, 25.4mm, 5 degree, 90mm (not as pictured--that was a test stem)
  • Chris King headset, silver
  • silver and black spacers (not as pictured)
    • black Ahrens Wisecracker bottle opener 
    • black cable hanger
  • Shimano BR-R550 cantis
  • Eggbeater pedals with a bit-o-blue on the spindle
  • black Jagwire cable housing
  • Nokian Hakkapeliitta studded tires
  • Avocet O2 saddle, cromo rails, covering loose around edges
  • Silver seatpost off an old LeMond
  • Tubus Vega black rear rack
  • Arkel Utility Basket panniers (grocery getter size, black and army green, long bag straps), 2, with a lb of Dunn Bros Brazil beans!
  • seatbag with tools, spare
  • Zefal frame pump
  • 2 Zefal Spring waterbottle cages
  • BLUE BARMITTS around the handlebars and brake levers
  • black Race Blade fenders, detachable 

    -The PISSED OFF Old Bag


    WheelDancer said...

    Phuckin sonova bitch!

    Pete said...

    The coffee too? Bastards!

    Ruby said...

    It broke my heart to read this post. I hope you recover her soon.

    Tim said...

    I hope you recover your bike soon. But if that's not meant to be, I hope your LHT valiantly sacrifices itself to carry the thief in front of a train.

    jeff said...

    That really sucks!

    Joboo said...

    OB ~
    Reading this news blows!!!!
    Maybe posting this on the MORC boards and Mpls. Bike Love sites might bring her back to you!!!
    I've watched a 1/2 doz. Steeds be found through the MORC boards over the years. Just a thought.


    The Old Bag said...

    @Tim -- LOVE the sentiment. Maybe I'll even be there to see it.

    Hey, thanks for the blog post -- much appreciated!

    The Old Bag said...

    @Joboo -- I went straight to Mpls Bike Love, Twitter, FB and MORC...Craigslist also, but then decided to lurk for a bit in case its posted

    And Pete, THE COFFEE!!! and my Arkel bags #@!@#$!!!

    The Old Bag said...

    @Ruby--it's a drag. Funny thing, though. I have more of an attachment to the stuff than to the frame: wheels/hubs, skewers, bottle opener (gift)! because they came from old bikes and memories.

    Vito said...

    Big time suckage! I hope you get it back. I also agree with Tim.

    Jim said...

    What Tim said!

    Bike thieves are low creatures with no moral fiber.

    Linda said...

    That is a major suckathon. Hope it comes back home to you soon!

    Anonymous said...

    I had my touring bike stolen, from my porch, and recovered it myself nine months later. Never give up hope!

    Groover said...

    So sorry to hear. That hurts. I hope it shows up again. Do they still cut off the hands of a thief nowadays? I hope so.

    Doozyanner said...

    Oh no! I am so sorry!

    Snakebite said...

    Too soon to lecture your about proper securing techniques?

    The Old Bag said...

    Careful Snakebite, that's like saying "she deserved it due to the way she was dressed."

    Anonymous said...

    Locks cost around $40. And yes, when you don't lock, your shit gets stolen. It's more like leaving your computer on the dash of your unlocked car and expecting it to be there upon your return. It may; it may not. That's your risk. Anyone willing to help you is a saint.

    The Old Bag said...

    @Anon 10:37--careful douchebag. Asshole assumptions lead to bad karma. Ulock, cable, duct tape or dental floss, it's all felony theft.

    Snakebite said...

    So, your bike was taken because of what you were wearing???

    I know, I know....Sorry for your loss. With the close-knit biker types in your neck of the woods, hopefully the word has gotten 'round and this will be found.

    Anonymous said...

    marcus in stillwater is keeping an eye open for ur unique bike......hope it finds its way back home.......

    The Old Bag said...

    Thanks Marcus!