Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Fatbiking Cuyuna

The Cuyuna Mountain Bike Trail System is a fascinating view into reclamation of old mining land...not necessarily our reclamation, but nature's. It's part of a larger outdoor recreation area. The 30-mile trail system is built on top of 200 ft. high iron ore tailing heaps that are now overgrown with aspen, basswood, birch and red oak. The summits look out over what used to be iron ore mines (some up to 500 ft. deep), now water-filled and used for underwater exploration and kayaking as well as for trout, northern, bass, crappie, sunfish and walleye fishing.

There are lots of ins and outs to the trail system, and it's a great place for riders of various levels to ride together. While losing a riding partner is possible, it's always easy to connect again.

The trails leave telltale red dust on everything, and they leave the clinks of glass-shard shaped rock in one's memory...Shred the Red, as they say.

This time, I shredded it fat.

The bottom of the climb.

Red dust from iron ore tailings covers everything.

Photo op on the climb  it's all about timing  * huff * * puff *.

More dust=more cleaning  sigh
Looking out over Alstead Mine Lake. Yes, we started from waaay down there...or somewhere close by!

ONE tiny puddle is all it takes, I guess.

If I'm not dirty at the end of a ride, fun wasn't had!
- OB livin' fat!


WheelDancer said...

You know, for a skinny girl, fat looks good on you.

Jeff Moser said...

Looks great! I'd love to get a fat bike. Seems like it'd be an all new experience.

Vito said...

Wonderfully delightful! That red dirt and dust reminds me of childhood days back home. Mother yelling at us to stay away from mine dumps because the iron stains never came out of our clothes. Ahhhhh! Fun, fun, fun :)

shawnkielty said...

OB -- what fat bike is this?

My word verification for this comment was "fatbike" ... seriously.