Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Overheard at the bike shop:

Do you have any cup holders?, do you mean...bottle cages???

- The Bag and the clerk was so kind and helpful


LimesNow said...

I bet that person calls a saddle a "bicycle seat", too.

Doozyanner said...

A new guy rode with us Tuesday night...and I noticed lines under his spandex. I didn't have the guts to tell him, "Hey, I've been looking at your butt for the past few miles and I thought you should know--you're supposed to be nekkid under those shorts!"

standing on my head said...

hey, everybody's gotta learn sometime, from someone. we're not born knowing this stuff!

The Old Bag said...

@Limes -- that would be BIKE seat.

@Doozy -- seen it, likewise decided not to go there.

@SOMH -- agreed! Having been on both sides of the question, I'm always amazed at one's ability to decipher information...patiently (some days it's the same question after the same question after the same question....).

Bluenoser said...

That's ok, I had someone come on our ship once and ask if they could see our basement.