Friday, March 12, 2010

Why Do You Ride?

- OB because "if I ride uphill I will eventually get to ride downhill...that's how it works."


WheelDancer said...

I ride to get there
I ride just because it's fun
I ride for my life

rlove2bike said...

I ride because...I can.

Deep, isn't it.

Doozyanner said...

Definitely for the "bugs in the teeth" experience. And people who ride are generally cool and fun to be around. Oh, and my legs look really buff when I wear skirts and heels. ha! :-)

WV: bedde--It's a bedde good time.

jeff said...

I ride for the joy of it, to get closer to the sky, to really see where I am.

I want to be a rider, but I still want to be a boy. :)

Once Known as The Badger said...

I ride because it's beautiful.
I ride because it's transcendent.
I ride because it's hard.
I ride because it's easy.
I ride because I'm outside in the wind and the sky and the sun and the rain and the snow.
I ride because I have no other choice.
I ride because I love it like no other.

brother yam said...

I'm fat and I need the excercise.

Bluenoser said...

I won't be a boy or a girl, I'll just be a rider.

That's what God wants.


C. P. said... get to the other side...walk

Anonymous said...

Something happens on a long ride as you near the apex of your loop. It's akin to what astronauts must experience when they leave the atmosphere of Earth. You're cut free from concerns you left behind and you become a mere satellite, a roving dot, a noiseless projectile that exists simply to keep on moving. You're out there - if you run into rain or wind or bugs, they hit you, not the windshield - and you're self-sufficient, with food, water, warmth, and tools all within arm's reach. One difference from the space program is that, rather than entering into orbit and proceeding passively by force of magnetism, you rely solely upon your own energy. But that's the glory of it! As the journey continues and you faithfully follow the route you've mapped, watching the hawks, the willows, and the clouds, standing on your pedals to attack each oncoming hill, then settling back into the saddle to carry on with the ride, you acquire the aspect of some rolling wanderer - a pilgrim whose truth consists of strong legs, engrossing sights, and involvement with the elements. And when it's over, and you return home and get something to drink and soak your taxed limbs, you still retain the glow that arises not only from the exertion, and the elation, but from the knowledge that you did it by yourself. -1989 Bianchi USA catalog introduzione.

Notorious T said...

Wow. Nice video. I guess I should have clicked on the link in last week's e-mail from peopleforbikes.

The Old Bag said...

@Anon--I've always known there's a reason I'm a Bianchi girl.