Wednesday, August 12, 2009

But Not the Wheels

but not on the bicycle
riding miles
but not down the road
eyeing the opening
but not from within the pack
struggling to finish
but not the race

- Osometimes it's hardB


LimesNow said...

I have been struggling with some difficult things, too. No matter how competent I feel about my work or my personal strengths or my skills, when faced with decisions to be made about the things that matter most, I sometimes feel I am the person who should least be allowed to make them. "If I act, what will happen? If I do nothing, what will happen? And what should I do so I can take the next steps knowing I did the right thing?" I value the hours I spend alone in the streets in the dark. I take care of a lot of business in my head out there. Sometimes I even land on "right" or "good".

Trée said...

I feel every word of this post, this poetic rendering of the human condition. The writing is beautiful OB.

WheelDancer said...

The hard spots help us appreciate the soft ones all that much more.

Doozyanner said...

Oh man oh man you nailed it. A meeting at school today with our brand new principal and our brand new, very young wet-behind-the-ears vice principal, an elderly dog whose hips are giving out, a ginormous elephant in the family living room...I'm spinning and struggling too. When you find the opening, let me know!

jeff said...


The Old Bag said...

It just all seems to drop at once.

A wise friend once said to look at tough decisions, those in which an obvious one doesn't rise to the top, not as Plan A and B (as in one decision is better, the other worse) but rather as Plan Right and Left. They're both good, they just head off in different directions. There will be other decisions down the chosen road. It helps me to realize there really isn't a WRONG decision to be made here.

And Doozy, I hear you: new principal, beloved pet...except my family house decisions regard my actual house. Whew.

rlove2bike said...

I am not good with decisions, but your comment about plan A and B says a lot.

bikingbrady said...

Well said and I feel that all too often.

C. P. said...

Mabye the answer's in your own words... maybe you SHOULD:

Spin on the bicycle
Ride miles down the road
Eye the opening
And race the good race

Once known as The Badger said...

This wouldn't be related to the Proposal, would it?

The Old Bag said...

Ha! What a funny moment it was!

The Old Bag said...

CP, I've been off the bicycle for too many days...tryin' to get things done before the crunch comes. That may be what's clouding my thinking.