Thursday, July 02, 2009

Gray Summer Mornings

early minutes

fresh, cool air through the house

the day not yet considered

coffee cup filled again

drawing out time

-OB's favorite time of year


LimesNow said...

We're very gray, too, OB. But hell for hot and more humidity than desert rats can tolerate. I am ashamed to say I pulled the plug this morning before 8 miles, like a wiener. Nevertheless, between walk and work, I sat back on the couch, stroking cats, sipping the coffee, not spinning, wishing it would last awhile.

The Old Bag said...

Hi Limes -- we had a hot, humid spell a week ago...bleck.

Sometimes in the summer my AM hangout lasts a bit too long (esp. after a week back at work -- summer curric writing last week -- until I get back into the swing of what to do with all my unstructured time) to-do list isn't getting much shorter!

Doozyanner said...

To-do list? Ummm...oh yeah, I do have one too...not getting any shorter...books, bikes, and naps keep getting in the way. What a dilemma. ha!

jeff said...

Coffee cup filled again, and again....

Groover said...

It's a bright crisp winter morning but that's about the only difference ... :-)