Monday, January 26, 2009

My Bliss

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The kitchen sucked...warm air, that is. The linoleum was nasty and poorly installed, the kitchen-as-hallway-to-the-basement was a tired concept, four linear feet of counters and cabinets just weren't enough, the RCA brand appliances from who-knows-what-year were crusty, and the candle sputtered as we held it in front of the dishwasher during one of last winter's sub-zero spells...the cold air spread from behind it out across the kitchen floor in the same way the evil spirits crept across the ground in that Charleton Heston movie dammit, I can't remember the name....

Straw. Camel's back. You know.

After six years of that kitchen, we dove into the remodel last fall and got some other maintenance issues out of the way as well. The bulk of the work happened from mid-October to Mid-December. Everything went smoothly, no contractor horror stories. We couldn't be happier.

I figured the timing was fine: done with grad school. But what I hadn't banked on was my need to take care of everything I'd put on the back burner for a year and a half during school: financial papers, old clothes, files, storage boxes in the basement. Just when I figured life would be getting back to normal, I instead found myself on deadlines for kitchen demo, for emptying a storage closet that may become a bathroom one day, for moving furniture out of the way, for scraping paint off difficult-to-replace trim...appliance shopping?! Bah. We lived in the midst of boxes and dust between runs to the kitchen place and Home Depot. The back burner pot got larger.

It drove me crazy.

The contractor's lock box is still out on the deck, but we've had our house back since December 15th. Christmas vacation was finally spent in my version of heaven: cleaning closets, sorting through dressers, and straightening the basement tool shed. Then I sent stuff on its way to Goodwill.

This past weekend it was my office.

I even got to dust.

- OB Nirvana


tainterturtles said...

I've enjoyed all your remodeling photos. We also live in a small house in WI. We've been remodeling our house over the last 25years, in between our cycling & camping during the summers.

I'll check in with you again.

C. P. said...


Trée said...

Hey OB. Miss me? :-D

Groover said...

No wonder you didn't get to ride much, but looking at the photographs, the results justify the effort. :-) Happy cleaning and dusting, something I should do, too! Here is for a motivational blog of a different kind. The kind my husband would like ... :-)

Eclectchick said...

Great work!

Ahhh, dusting. My dream is to get my home office into shape - such that I'm able to dust there again.