Tuesday, June 19, 2007


just gotta remember
to wash your hands
after chopping a jalapeno
because if you forget and afterward
set yerself to scooping chocolate almond ice cream
you know
you'll want to lick your fingers

- ob complete with icky face


sydney_b said...

lol. or u might have to rub your eye. and that hurt jalopeno style

Tim said...

I was once chopping really hot green chiles after a day outside in the high desert of New Mexico. I stupidly reached up and tried to rub a piece of dust out of my eye.

Oh mama! It felt like someone had shoved a blowtorch in there! I wore contacts in those days, so I grabbed a bottle of saline and desperately tried to flush my eye (which I couldn't have opened with a crowbar). I had saline pouring down my face and all over my shirt.

By the time the pain subsided 20 minutes later, I was soaking wet, disheveled and panting. I looked like ... well, like a moron who had rubbed hot peppers in his eye.

That was also when my wife's sympathy faded and her laughter began.

The Old Bag said...

Too funny -- sorry for the misfortune. Did the contact survive?

Tim said...

The contact survived, but I rinsed the ever-lovin' crap outta that sucker before I put it back in my eye the next day.

gwadzilla said...

licking your fingers is nothing like rubbing your eye

I know
I do it everytime

now I want a fajita!

Anonymous said...

Don't even think about picking your nose.