Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Soundbites from the Perkins on 6th

our lives are precious to Jesus and he lies so bad, I can't believe how he lies, I'm so tired of all the lies they're the tenets we live from that guide us through our lives but it's all situational, you know, and when I bring it up I'm so tired of hearing why we don't call our pastors priests, because we don't set them apart from the rest of the congregation and he keeps saying, prove it, prove it, prove it but it's all situational and there are things that explain it, of course dinosaurs lived on earth once, but they weren't millions of years old they just want to move, you know, like to the Cities and just get away because I've been able to actually test the insides of the the small bubbles in amber, you know amber, and have found I just love that one spot along France Avenue on 50th Street where the shopping is, I just feel so alive there and I walked around Lake Harriet and it was so great so let's pray before we part tonight

- OB had time to kill before class


C. P. said...

God bless headphones.

gwadzilla said...

everyone is ready to point the finger

so few are willing to look in the mirror

WheelDancer said...

Fascinating what can overhear from the lives of others and I love fabric you have woven from these snippets but I'm dying to know; what did they find in the little bubbles inside the amber?

Emma Pod said...

I had to ask Rick, "What's Perkins?" I knew it sounded familiar, but couldn't remember exactly what it is!!! I don't think we have them out here(I think we just have Denny's). Remember Country Kitchen? Are they still around? Anyway, love the pieces of conversation woven together. How's things???