Sunday, November 26, 2006

6:22 November 26th

Readying for Winter
St. Louis Park
46 degrees
- OB surprisingly OK with not bikin'


Snakebite said...

"Surprisingly OK with not biking?" I'm going to have to call a "bullshit." ;-)

the old bag said...

Typically I'd agree with you...not sure what it was all about

and I hope it doesn't happen again!

Shawn Kielty said...

Nice photo!

the old bag said...

Thanks Shawn!

gwadzilla said...

this morning I had some time before work

the wife took the boys to school
and was taking the dog to the vet on her day off
so I only had time for a short walk with the dog
the idea of a pre-work ride was attractive
as the morning was misty and warm
okay... balmy
but instead I started to clean the basement
my basement is a wreck

in short
I have too much stuff and no where to put it
I am tripping over stuff that I never needed and will never use

time for some serious spring cleaning

the process of pulling out halloween gear caused an avalanche
the christmas stuff is about to come out as well

with everything out of the small room used for storage I will start to rethink the set up

it must happen
as the basement is a dark cloud hanging over my head