Friday, October 21, 2005

Fehcking A!

Where the hell are my legs?!? Criiiminy. Ride the roads all spring and summer, hit the massive hills of Maine for a week, my legs are hydraulic pistons! PISTONS, I tell you. Until today, a little mountain bike spin at an urban trail system near home, and all I had was damned Creamette noodles!!

-The PO'd OB


gwadzilla said...

we all have days like that...
I was feeling weak the other day
then I got inspired
picked up the pace
sprinted hard
the lighting was low
I was unfamiliar with the new bike
the trails may have been more technical than a cross bike should be on
and bam
dislocated shoulder

bummer to be me

two trips to the ER in 6 months
a new personal record

bummer to be me

but not really
just a set back
nothing more than a speed bump
I need to slow down
I will get my speed back in no time

the old bag said...

inspiration calls
usually at the right time
but this time, wrong bike!

Heal quickly!